Title Opinions for Pennsylvania and Texas

The title opinion lawyers at Brooks & Brooks, P.C., are experienced in dealing with oil and gas law issues including complex ownership of mineral rights, fractured royalty ownership, surface-access rights and responsibility for production expenses. Our attorneys are based in Texas, where there is a rich history of oil and gas law, enabling our team to anticipate issues that have not yet arisen in many new plays throughout North America, including the Marcellus and Utica shale formations. The team at Brooks & Brooks has written thousands of title opinions in both Texas and Pennsylvania, resulting in a deep understanding of potential pitfalls and obscure technical defects affecting mineral title. Our experience ensures that you can rely on our foresight with regard to even the most complicated title issues that may arise in your area.

Our expertise, quick turnaround times, and reasonable fees make Brooks & Brooks a leader in quality title opinions.

Our practice includes all phases of

title examination, including:

* Title Abstract Review * Lease Acquisition Title Opinions  * Due Diligence Title Opinions * Curative Actions

* Drilling Title Opinions * Division Order Title Opinions

* Supplemental Title Opinions

Brooks & Brooks is also affiliated with some of the best landman brokers in the nation. Let Brooks & Brooks coordinate your next project and give you confidence that your project will be organized and efficiently managed, saving you time and money. With Brooks & Brooks, you will meet your deadlines with a solid product on which you can rely.

Title Opinions

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